Ideal for Kitchen in Restaurant


Product Recommended


4 Doors Upright Chiller 4 Doors Upright Freezer
Code: KR45-4 Code: KF45-4

2 Door Counter Chiller Food blenders stainless steel container 1.9 L
Code: KUR15-2-W(750 mm) Code: HBF400-CE

Gas Griddle(on counter) Electric 2 Tank Fryer (2 Basket)
Code: JUS-TRG60 Code: EF-8L-2

10 Tray Combi Steamer Electric Salamander
Code: PE101BD1 Code: EB-600

Gas Range with 4 Burner and Cabinet Gas Range with 4 Burner and Oven
Code: JUS-RA-4 Code: JUS-RQ-4

Gas Range with 6 Burner and Oven Gas Griddle (2/3 Flat and 1/3 Grooved) with Cabinet
Code: JZH-RQ-6 Code: JZH-RG

Gas 2-Tank Fryer( 2-Basket) with Cabinet Stainless Steel Infrared Heating Lamp
Code: JZH-RC-2 Code: IR1000

Electric Meat Slicer Counter Meat Mincer
Code: MS300T-250W Code: MG22

Commercial Dishwasher (Include W/R) Pre-Rinse Single Hole Base with Flexible Inlets
Code: STEELTECH18-00 Code: M98E-101